Tropicorium Inc. is a 60,000+ gallon facility containing ONLY saltwater animals. We have 20,000 lbs. of live rock on hand at all times. All of the tanks in the facility run on under gravil filtration systems. This uses an Aragonite substrate and a forced flowed system under the substrate to grow bacteria. (For more Information call or E-mail us).

Tropicorium Personalities 

Richard "Dick" Perrin

Ray and Dick Perrin

Richard Perrin, Owner and operator of the Tropicorium, He has been in the Saltwater field for 40+ years. He has spoken at numerous M.A.C.N.A. conferences, seminars, and Marine biological educational engagements around the U.S. and abroad. He has an extensive knowledge of the hobby. He has ventured around the world in his quest to learn more and educate others in this fascinating field. 

Ray, Richard's son, is the main soft and stoney coral propagation expert. With over 25 years experience, Ray is following in his fathers footsteps in his pursuit of excellence in the marine discipline. With extensive knowledge in shark and fish husbandry as well as breeding, he can answer any questions you may have.

Bryan Meldau, Operates and runs our online store. Has excellent coral identification knowledge, tons of experience in the hobby, as well as in the business.


 Joe Franko, Collector , Coral propagation master and X-treme fisherman.


We grow about 90 types of soft corals, about 85 types of hard stony corals (including SPS), hundreds of mushrooms and are successfully breeding Bangai cardinals, Clownfish, 3 Sp. of Sharks. Our ability to rapidly grow Tridacna clams is completely unequaled worldwide. 

We recommend metal halide lighting and Ca Sea Aragonite substrate. As well as Reef Crystals Salt.


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